Surviving NYE While Single

The end of 2016 is approaching (thank [insert appropriate deity]) and with that comes new year celebrations, all leading up to the clock striking midnight and that damn new year’s kiss. If you have someone to kiss, then maybe the kiss is NBD but when you are the only single person at a friend’s NYE gathering it’s an awkward moment.

10-Your friends are all staring at the clock in anticipation.

9-Everyone is making sure they have a beverage to toast with.

8-You look around and smile because you’re with such great friends.

7-You’re so lucky to have these people in your life.

6-This year has been shit but next year is going to be different, probably not but one can hope.

5-It’s going to be your year. The year of Jay.

4-And you’ll have your best mates by your side.

3-They always have your back.


1-You raise your glass and start to say “Happy…what the frick?!” Everyone is too lip locked to cheers your raised glass. It feels weird to watch them all lock lips so you stare at the TV but the cameras are just panning to more kissing couples. Go back to Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin! C’mon! Oh cheese-on-a-cracker! Even they’re kissing. Finally, the moment passes and your friends return from their PDA fest. “Happy New Year!”

Most days I am perfectly happy being single. I get to take over the whole bed…okay I get to take over the portion of my bed that my dog hasn’t already claimed. I can make plans without considering somebody else. I can choose the movie or TV show I want to watch. I never have to share my last bite of pie. It’s easier to find one stool at a crowded bar than two. The last Oreo is always mine. Overall, being single is pretty great. And it’s given me a chance to fall in love with myself, get comfortable with me, rediscover me, and be happy with my own company. That said, there are some days where I long for someone to share the last bite of pie with (unless it’s apple, then get your own!) or repeat movie quotes to or make pancakes for or share a New Year’s kiss with at the strike of midnight.

And single people, if we’re being honest with our selves, the main reason we feel awkward or momentarily sad or uncomfortable with our singleness during New Year’s Eve or Valentine’s Day or other Single Awareness Holidays/moments is a human illness called FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out.) We are very aware in those moments that as a single person we are missing out on a moment and that is uncomfortable. But you know what we’re not missing out on? A LOT! Below is a list of my top 10 reasons missing that New Year’s Kiss is the best part of any year.

  1. My chances of getting mono, cooties, or some other virus are greatly decreased. Do you know how many germs we exchange during just one kiss!?
  2. While my friends are snogging, I can fill up my drink without them noticing. More for me kissing suckers!
  3. I got to eat all the garlic and onions and smelly food I wanted all night because nobody but this whisky on the rocks is getting close enough to my mouth to care.
  4. If I want, I can go to bed before midnight and not miss a midnight kiss. I just started off the new year feeling rested and awesome.
  5. It provides character development. If you’ve never been single on New Years as an adult and had to find out how you react to everybody kissing around you, then you are the one missing out.
  6. There’s no pressure on me, I don’t have to worry about being ready with an awesome kiss worthy of ending a year AND starting a year. I can just sip this whisky and raise a glass to past me and future me, cheers me!
  7. Kissing on New Year’s is so cliché. Everybody is doing that. You know what not everyone is doing? Doing a somersault so they are literally tumbling into the new year.
  8. I get to start out the year with myself, the best company I can imagine. After all, I’ve been by my side my whole life, every up and down, every good and bad moment. So who better to raise a glass to for the next year than me?
  9. I have an extra moment to think of a new year’s resolution that I’ve procrastinated on creating.
  10. While my friends are kissing, I can take advantage of the moment and decide to spontaneously run outside and jump into the snow to make a snow angel. Then my friends will finish their snog session and wonder “Where did Jay go?” When they see me outside laughing to myself living my best life they’ll realize their kiss made them miss out on the first snow angel of the new year. But you know who was there for that awesome moment? Me.

Most importantly, I get to realize that this moment is no different than the billion other moments that I’ve loved being single for. The only difference is I think I’m not supposed to be single during these moments. All you need to not only survive New Year’s but thrive during New Year’s without a date is the right attitude and the right perspective….and maybe a little bit of whisky.

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